A Look Inside Jake Blauvelt’s World…

A look into professional snowboarder Jake Blauvelt's life, career, and the past winter season. Yes, it's even better than it sounds...

Jake is one hell of a rider. Being at the forefront of almost everything he dives into. His approach and riding in the mountains, is as good as it gets. Enjoy some incredible snowboarding around British Columbia and the Pacific North-West paired with some pretty wise words from the man himself.

“The Atmosphere we make for ourselves is what defines us.” – Jake Blauvelt

Snowboarding in British Columbia, Mount Baker, and hosting a grassroots snowboard event at a small mom and pop resort that he learned to ride at in rural Vermont.

Directed by Gabe Langlois
Cinematography by Gabe Langlois
Edited by Gabe Langlois
Produced by Jake Blauvelt and Gabe Langlois
Aerials by Dylan Ross, Jason Fentiman, Gabe Langlois, Shem Roose
Additional Cinematography by Freedle Coty, Ian Post
Additional Snowboarding by Patrick McCarthy, Elena Hight and Shayne Pospisil


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