A Winter In Italy with Two Vans & No Plans!

Rusty Toothbrush's new film is all about adventure and making the most of your surrounds! We're off to Italy!

‘Two vans no plans’ follows the Rusty Toothbrush family on a whirlwind road trip throughout Italy in our modified 80s campers and a customized XT600 motorbike (turned winch-bike). Regular breakdowns, funny antics and plenty of insane snowboard clips will keep you on the edge of your seat and hyped for a Northern Hemi winter where we can all live just as wild and free.

FEATURING – Alex Stewart, Dusan Kriz, Simon Gruber, Nicholas Bridgman, Paula Benito, Sophia Schroll, Jason Anderson, Jake Simpson and Joe Simpson PRODUCED BY – Federico Grego, Chiara Grisorio, Alex Stewart, Vincenzo Scappucci, Myrionymos Baikouzis


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