An In-Depth Look Into Nico Bondi

The 8 year old who can do it all...

I had the pleasure of meeting Nico last year when he visited Australia on a Nitro Snowboards team trip. Humble, cute and crazy are the best three words describe the micro-grom from a planet unbeknownst to us regular humans.

Who would ever image snowboarding like this, at age 8? Honestly, I gave up a while ago…so if you’re hanging on to any thought that you ‘shred’, probably best not to watch.

Cinematography: Loïc Wirth
Directing: Loïc Wirth & Vernon Deck
Additional footage: Francesco Bondi & Vernon Deck
Art: Nico Bondi
Color Grading: Loïc Wirth
Writing & Editing: Loïc Wirth



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