Burton ‘One World’ Mondays | Mondays…Am I Right?

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's new film 'One World'. This episode is all about the thousand tries that don't make the film. Just goes to show how much work the crew put in to get that one shot!

Mondays are a struggle. One World Mondays on the other hand, is a rad insight behind the scenes of Burton’s latest film release ‘One World’.

You wouldn’t believe it! But those incredibly talented pro snowboarders…they eat shit too, a lot of shit! Just like me and just like you.

Bail videos are great, it puts into perspective that most of the pro riders aren’t freaks from another planet that produce a species made of rubber, rock and mastery of balance.

This is quite possibly the best bail video we’ve ever seen…Not because of Pavarotti but because of the HEAVY amount of bails in there. Park, pow, Alaska, streets…it’s 2:30 mins of bone breaking goodness.

The riders put their body on the lines to pull some of these tricks and spots off, and watching this will only enhance your viewing experience of the full film when you see all the makes.



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