Behind The Scenes of ‘One World’ | Ep. 1 – Serenity Snowboarding in The Trees

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's new film 'One World'. This episode is all about getting into the trees...

Over the next 12 days we’re taking a deep dive into Burton Snowboards new film ‘One World’. Going behind the scenes on a numbers of shoots, covering the unique locations and riders that went into making the new film.

Best news is…we’re doing a live premiere of the film on with some of Burton’s top team riders in the film on Jan 14. Dive in and get the low down over the next 12 days before watching the film in all of it’s entirety.

Episode 1 is all about the trees. We love trees. There’s something hypnotic about dipping off the edge of a run, or the top of a ridge and pointing it straight down towards hundreds of trees.

Anna winding and weaving her way down in style…

You’ve got to flow and move in sync with the trees to get to the bottom safely and in style. Two people who know how to get in sync are Anna Gasser and Christian Haller.

Anna and Christian moving at the speed of light.

Simple snowboarding done so stylishly is what we’re about! This little look into the Utah segment film is what dreams are made of. And how about the tracking film shots? Who on earth is flying through the trees, with a death wish filming both Anna and Christian.

Christian playing ‘catch me if you can’.

That’s one of the standout features of the new film ‘One World’. The cinematography is next level. You feel like you’re right beside the riders cutting laps half the film, just like in this clip.

Shoot the curl…

Stay tuned for episode 2 dropping tomorrow.



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