‘One World’ Mondays | Burton’s Team has a Mole…

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's new film 'One World'. This episode is all about the unveiling of Burton's insider mole. The holder of all secrets...

Teams are tight cliques. You need to be put in hours, weeks, months, years of hard yards to be initiated and accepted. Unfortunately for us normal folk, the closest thing we’ll get to a team is our Sunday soccer club. Sorry.

Team Burton. STEALTH MODE.

The team represents the brand – it’s style, flavour, personality and tone plus a few gold medals here or there to establish some premium claims. There are secrets within these teams however.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

Stan from Snowboarder scoped out the perfect mole to gain insider knowledge and gossip. Genius. 8 year old Pattu Zhou was his target and she’s been activated.

Patti. Infiltrating the Burton main frame.

No secrets were actually spilt during this process. She knows better than that. Fooled the media…once again. However, how rad does Mt. Hood in spring look!

Ben Ferguson blending into the Oregon backdrop nicely.

The Burton team took over Hood in beautiful Oregon for a team shoot to end on a high and stack those classic sunset shots and team smiles. Bliss.


The whole crew fronted up, making it a mega session. Patti Zhou is a force to be reckoned with…dominating the jumps and pipe, showing huge promise. What were you doing at 8 years old?

Not this…



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