Behind The Scenes of ‘One World’ | Ep. 2 – Pow Surfin’

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's new film 'One World'. This episode is all about the white wave man...

Mahalo! Another day, another behind the scenes look at what went down during the filming of Burton Snowboard’s new film ‘One World‘. For those just tuning in, the full feature film is premiering online at on Jan 14!

This behind the scenes episode is all about pow surfin’. Have you ever dabbled in binding free boarding? It’s a movement that we here at Transfer fully endorse. Get low, feel the flow and shoot the curl.

Who better to watch ride these things than Danny Davis, Red Gerard, Julia Mariano and Liu Jiyau.

It’s pretty hard to get serious on these things. You need a smile and to channel your inner surf vibes in order to get the pow surfer moving.

The crew took a break from cutting hot laps cat boarding at Baldface, and opted for the free flowing feel of the pow surfer. These are a staple for any boarders quiver. A kind of, leave in the car and when the mountain is tracked to bits you whip this thing out to keep the stoke high till sun down.

Surf check.


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