One World Monday | Sustainable Shredding…

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's new film 'One World'. This episode is all about how Burton reduced their carbon footprint whilst filming for this production...sleds, planes, helicopters...everything!

Burton have always been at the forefront of pushing for a more sustainable future. As snowboarders, it’s hard to not give a fuck about the planet and especially about the white stuff we all enjoy so much.

Christian Haller, taking a walk

This video highlights a partnership between Burton Snowboards and Bank Of The West – which was to offset the entire carbon footprint of the ‘One World’ production. There’s a lot of travel time involved to pull off a film like this and it’s rad to see Burton is taking this into consideraiton and offsetting their carbon emissions.

Danny Davis is all smiles…

Below is from Burton in regards to there stance on the environment and sustainability:

When it comes to protecting our playground, we’re keyed in on action and advocacy. We’re aiming to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon emissions and divert 75% of our waste from the landfill by 2020 at global headquarters. The Burton US Open has been carbon neutral since 2017 and we are working toward zero waste by 2020. And we’re doubling our repairs to reach at least 40% of our warranty claims. Most importantly, we use our momentum to set an example and speak out on policy issues that impact our people and the environment.

More of this please.


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