Behind The Scenes of ‘One World’ | After Hours Party in The Pipe

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's new film 'One World'. This episode is all about the simple things - one hit, one pipe, one night, one world.

The Burton US Open is one of the greatest snowboard events to go down each year on the competitive calendar. It attracts the best of the best riders and a huge crowd who are there for the jaw dropping riding but probably more for the huge live gigs and parties Burton puts on throughout the entire event. A wild week of snowboarding and après…how it should be.

Talking about a wild week. Make sure to get to World Bar in Queenstwon this weekend for the ‘Welcome to Winter‘ party! Thursday 15 July…See you there!

The snowboarders version of a sports stadium. Burton US Open.

As you can see in the video, it’s pretty hectic for the riders – cameras, interviews, crowds, comps, nerves, stress, late nights, early mornings…it’s full pace. So finding a moment to slow things down is rare.

This guy enjoys some slow time…

The Burton team convinced Vail Resorts to hand over the halfpipe for a night after the event and crowds cleared to shoot some cinema magic.

Ben Ferguson, pipe ninja.

This video makes it somewhat hard to make out and see which rider is dropping and hitting the pipe, however what it does, is show the various styles and personalities of each rider. Making you realise, everyone is unique in there own little way. We picked every rider by the end of the video…can you?

Who’s that?

We’ll spoil the ending for you…because, you need to hang out for the last shot. Which is Terje Håkonsen going bigger than anyone, with the textbook method he’s held claim to for decades now.

Christian Haller, pipe perfection!


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