‘One World’ Mondays | Maria Thomsen’s Full Part…Untouchable?

Tune in for some behind the scenes action from Burton's recent film 'One World'. This episode is all about the queen of the streets - Maria Thomsen.

One of the standouts of Buton’s latest film, ‘One World‘ hands down is the queen of the streets – Maria Thomsen. Maria, originally from Denmark and now residing in Pemberton, Vancouver in Canada has been riding for a long time. Dedicated to the shred. And now cementing her name in the streets.

Maria’s put in work, season after season and has now caught the eyeballs of every snowboarder who knows what’s up. She’s stylish, critical and has a trick selection in the streets that makes you go back twice to check if it’s switch or regular…we’re still puzzled.

Maria has only recently jumped on board as a global team rider on the Burton team and has stamped her name solidly with her part in ‘One World’. The film features riders all the way throughout the film, more trip by trip than rider by rider.

Burton has kindly pulled together all of Maria’s riding into this full part. Setting the bar high for female street snowboarding. Power moves.

We caught up with Maria earlier in the year for a chat on all things ‘One World’…Check it out below!


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