Brandon Cocard Does It All | New Full Part ‘Echo Chamber’

Brandon hits the streets, pow, resort and the recording studio for his latest project...

A breath of fresh air. Has COVID given riders more time to own some more creative aspects of their video parts?

Brandon Cocard has always been on the creative and avant-garde side of things when it comes to snowboarding. This is a must watch for everyone – the riding, the editing, the self-produced music and more…

From Brandon:

“Echo Chamber was filmed and edited by Sam Tuor. It’s my full part from winter of 2020 with cameos by Miles Fallon, Kazu Kokubo, Taylor Elliott, Brendon Rego, Kevin Backstrom, Mike Rav, Kaede Yasunaga, Keisuke Yoshida, and Chris Beresford.”

We wrote and recorded all the music with our record label @mirrormachine_slc. Music by myself, FutureMystic, hi again, and Ryan Taylor. ”

Visuals by Sam Tuor.

Filmed in Japan and Salt Lake City.




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