Burton Team Takeover The Stomping Grounds in Saas Fee

We're only here to watch Mikkel Bang hit park jumps...

Burton Snowboards unleash the beast over at the incredible ‘Stomping Grounds‘ that went down a couple weeks back. Amongst all the madness, a lot of footage has been waiting to surface and this is a great insight into the life lived riding glaciers. Not bad at all.

From Burton:

When it comes to snowboarding in October, there is no better place to ride than Saas-Fee. A glacier in the Swiss Alps, Saas-Fee, is home to one of the best terrain parks in the world. With a week of perfect weather, the Burton Team met up to shake off the summer cobwebs and push the progression of snowboarding.


Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Brock Crouch, Mikkel Bang, Jake Canter, Red Gerard, Kaishu Hirano, Liu Jiayu, Raibu Katayama, Anna Gasser, Takeru Otsuka, Su Yiming, Luke Winkelmann, Ayumu Hirano, Darcy Sharpe, Leon Vockensperger, and Brian Rice.


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