Carlos Garcia Knight Behind New Film RUCKUS II

Catching up with Carlos in isolation on all things Ruckus, NZ culture and inspiration

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A few months ago, one of our favourite riders from across the ditch dropped a new film featuring riders such as Will Jackways, Kevin Backstrom, Zak Hale, Jye Kearney and more riding all around the snow covered globe.

Given the current isolation lock down situation, we’ve been revisiting some of our favourite films from this year and considering that most snowboarders are all currently sitting on their asses doing nothing (just like us)…we caught up with Carlos to get some insight behind the film and his inspiration around the project.

Transfer: So, Carlos…It’s been a while since a film of this scale has dropped. How did it initially come about?

Skinny (Marcus Skin) and I had been talking about the idea of making a project with all of our personal favourite riders and the crew we were riding with all the time.

The whole name Ruckus actually comes from a group chat we have with all our mates in Wanaka and where everything we scheme up comes together haha! We really wanted to do this film right by creating something around the culture here in NZ and all the shit that’s going on with our crew here, as well as taking that crew out of NZ to travel, have a good time and get stuck into some new zones we’ve always wanted to ride!

It’s definitely got its own edge…Was there any influence behind the project?

From the start Skinny and I were watching heaps of surfing videos and getting hyped from that. A huge influence for us was watching ‘The quieter you are the more you can hear’ which is Craig Anderson’s latest film. The way that was put together just made so much sense to us and had a big impact. We also watched a bunch of RAGE edits that got us hyped on the more hectic parts of being on a trip snowboarding with all your mates.

Snowboarding videos have always been a big inspiration, but I think that stuff just comes to you way more naturally, especially when your sussing tricks and spots.

There’s a rad scene in NZ right now…So many solid riders popping out of nowhere! What’s the go?

I’ve always appreciated growing up in NZ and the culture and the people that make snowboarding what it is here. Growing up riding with JJ Rayward has been unreal, on and off snow he’s a fucking legend and is easily one of my favourite riders. He’s got some of the best clips in the film for sure.

The past 3 years we’ve been getting out a lot more with the dudes I always looked up to from NZ and kinda figuring out how much cool shit there is to do in the mountains here. It’s endless and the more we all get involved the more we get sucked in and find something we want to go do.

Will Jackways has been a massive part in showing us how insane it can get here and his approach is humbling to say the least. That’s why we have such a large section of Ruckus II filmed in NZ.

Carlos is a stylish cat…with great taste in music. Checkout 10 songs he shared with us, which he was listening to and getting inspired by whilst filming RUCKS II. Follow it and get psyched.



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