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Lockdown? Needing motivation? Over Netflix? Dive into the archives...

Afterlame should be in the snowboarders staple diet, if it isn’t in yours…WATCH NOW!

This video changed the game. Released in 2004 by production company ‘Robotfood’ it had one of the best crews with some of the most diverse riding to be seen in a video to date. We’re talking – backcountry, rails, lines, park, spring, quarters, cruisers and more.

David Benedek, Scotty Arnold, Louie Fountain, Chris Engelsman, Christoph Weber, Bobby Meeks, Travis Parker, Hampus Mosseson and MORE! Are you kidding?!

The best thing about the film – is how it captures how fun snowboarding is. The best of the best, always portrayed as superhuman serious folk, are actually just a bunch of snowboard bums chasing the good times, the pow and the clip.

A much needed shift in perspective, when things were starting to get a little too serious.

Also…Soundtrack slaps. Best ever?

Thank you Afterlame, thank you Robotfood, thank you snowboarding.


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