Mark McMorris BTS RAW and DOWN UNDER in Australia…

Impressive first day back on the board from McMorris and one of the better helmet eject bails we've seen to date...

5 months off the board. Mark McMorris has been back down in Australia the past week, riding Thredbo Resort in the parks and also the Stomping Grounds project that’s been running the past couple weeks.

Impressive riding from McMorris on only day one back. On another level.

Words from Mark himself:

Day 1 in the books. Feeling extremely grateful to be able to enjoy the thing I love once again. It also feels good to know I can still take a slam;) I’d say it’s just as hard mentally as it is physically to recover from injury. This one being no different.
As you heal physically the mental will follow suit. Happy to have taken the amount of time that was needed to return at 100% . Thank you to my amazing team for getting me back to where I need to be ❤️


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