NST DUELS Ep.1: Jared Elston VS Blake Paul

Better than the real thing?! Watch Jared Elston & Blake Paul go head to head at Baldface...

Meet Natural Selections ‘DUELS’. Head-to-head sessions with the best of the best. Competitive but fun, with bragging rights on the line. The first episode features Jared Elston going up against Blake Paul on a gully run that we would kill people to ride. Epic conditions and even stronger riding. Judged at the end by a rider / industry viewing panel.

Image: Chad Chomlack

From seeing Episode 1, this looks like it was the best part of the entire Natural Selection Tour event? With more to come, we can’t wait to see what else went down. An unknown secret source says that they will hopefully look to make this a superset event in the future.

Image: Chad Chomlack

Stay tuned for more DUELS dropping soon…


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