Watch Now | “CELLULAR” Aussie Film ft. Raph Louis, Josh Anderson & More…

We caught up with Raph Louis to chat all things 'CELLULAR' and what's going on this season...

The time is near, and in the lead up to winter some riders are digging through the hard drives and letting us into the pots of gold they scored last winter. The “CELLULAR” crew made mission to split right and left out of the resort and go explore their backyard…snow or mud, they made it happen.

Who’s the crew? Josh Anderson, Raphael Louis, Georgia Nicholls-Austin, Chester Foot, Ben Swift, Hunter Morgan and Mario Vuono.

We caught up with Raph Louis to get the low down behind the film and what can be expected from himself and the crew this winter…

Transfer: Raph, how’s things? More importantly, what’s ‘CELLULAR’ ?

Raph: Things are good legend. Just been living the quiet Jindy life waiting for the snow to arrive. So ‘CELLULAR’ is essentially a fun little DIY project Josh Anderson and myself have been working on for over the past year with the support of Modest Eyes and Fix binding company. It’s a time capsule which fundamentally is based on the idea of getting out of the park and exploring the snow affected parts of Australia.

Sick! When did you guys go on this trip? Who was the crew?

The clips filmed in the short were taken over the period of a year extending from 2019 spring till last years season. For the most part we filmed last year around August to September, with a 3 day trip to Talabingo which was new to us all and the best part of the season in my opinion.

In the crew we had Chester foot, Georgia Nicholls-Austin, Ben Swift, Hunter Morgan, Mario Vuono, Josh Anderson & myself with a few friends that tagged along for the journey. It was really cool to get together with likeminded people and really just go out and have fun in comparison to the competitive nature you sometimes find yourself in at the park.

Truth! You guys planning any trips similar this winter?

Well actually there is a bit of desire in the group to go out and do it again. Maybe a trip down to the Victorian alps. Who knows. You’ll just have to wait a see…

Where’s the best place for people to stay tuned on your adventures?

Just keep your eyes peeled on @raphlauren_polo & @joojdoood there you can up to date with content and potentially another video on the way.



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