Watch Now | ‘Elles’ Arthur Longo & Vans New Film

Ride resort? Watch Arthur's new film and have your mind expanded into a new dimension!

In our next life, we’d like to come back as Arthur Longo. The rider with it all – style, class, POP and most importantly, a wandering eye for the unimaginable. As always, Arthur delivers in his latest film with Vans.

We’ve never been so hyped to go and ride resort laps. Arthur explores new resorts, with an open mind and even hands some on camera time over to the Vans crew in Mt. Baker.

All in all, a film we’ll be playing countless times over for peak pre-riding mindset.

Featuring Arthur Longo, Dan Liedahl, Mary Rand, Blake Paul, and more. Filmed by Jake Price, Harry Hagan, and Olivier Gittler. Directed and edited by Tanner Pendleton.


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