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The Quiksilver 2020 team in full effect and fully baked...

This makes us want to go snowboarding. Good boarding and good vibes. Coupled with good snow. This is the result of gathering the Quiksilver team for a week and piling them into an RV, heading straight into the eye of a storm at Mt. Baker.

Ever been to Baker? If not, you’re blowing it. Put it on your to do after COVID fucks off list.

From Quiksilver:

Some people dream of getting in an RV, heading out to the Grand Canyon, and weeping at its depth, color and majesty. Others dream of over-stuffing an RV with a bunch of boards and friends, hitting the mountains and riding for a week straight all the while showering minimally. You can probably guess which side of the spectrum we land on. Last winter, we got our snow team together for a trip on wheels. The plan was to meet at Mount Baker, then go wherever the forecast called us. But here’s the thing about Baker — as many people will tell you, it’s hard to leave. We spent the majority of our days riding around Baker, and the majority of our nights playing cards in the RV parking lot. Although we did sneak up to Mount Seymour for a day of riding, this trip was still Fully Baked. Click here to check the gear.



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