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Hey Mom, I made a video and it's pretty good, me and the crew...what do you think?

Finally, after being pushed back time and time again, The Momma’s Boys film HEY MOM! has been released to help us quench our snow thirst whilst locked into the confines of our seasonal digs. We went to the premiere at the Lake Jindabyne Hotel a couple weeks back and got too blind to watch it properly, so upon review…we knew it was time to get it out there, hangover now passed. Strong premiere.

This is 17 minutes of hilarity, choice soundbites (Ryan Cafferkey’s voice mail from his Mum is the perfect opening) and the riding? Shheeeiiitttt, it’ll make you pull some double takes for sure… Top-notch.

Even though the film is from the Momma’s Boys, from the beginning, you get the vibe that it’s way more extensive than just one crew. 

It really feels like a community edit at times, which is fucking awesome. 

It’s all about that ‘ fun with the homies’ vibes, and that’s what get’s me the most jacked to go ride. 

Also, watching Ashlin Coyne straight air the hip to flat…got me jacked as well…I scared the cat with how loud I screamed, “what the fuck!?” 

The Momma’s Girls segment is one of the film’s highlights for sure, with Georgia Nicholls-AustinSophie Nicholls-Austin, Zoe Parsons, and Maddie McConomy on the skates. All this perfectly spliced with Biggie’s Nasty Girl makes for a good time. 

Of course, though, the riding from the core Momma’s Boys is what we’ve been waiting on… and it didn’t disappoint.

Ryan Cafferkey, Tom Dewar and Chris Busetti hold it down for the Perisher Front Valley, flexing the skills on the steel but also taking flight in the Perisher side country and in resort drops. 

There is an undeniable wholesomeness and warmth to this film. It’s probably corny to say, but you really see the heart and soul of what makes up many snowboard communities through the scope of one snow-town. 

Corny or not, HEY MOM is definitely worth multiple views. 


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