Watch Now | New Film ‘INVISIBLE GROUND’ from Elias Elhardt & Xavier De Le Rue

Invisible Ground from the creative mind of pro snowboarder and the film’s director and producer Elias Elhardt, opens a dialogue on a heavy topic that hits close for all of us who spend time in the mountains.

After tragic avalanche accidents, Xavier De La Rue and Elias Elhardt question their motivation for the potentially life-threatening pursuit of freeriding, which they have dedicated themselves to.

During several days in the mountains, they share personal experiences of risk taking and what being vulnerable actually means to them.

By questioning unrealistic ideas of control, award-winning (“Best Snowboard Film” 2022 High Five Festival) Invisible Ground explores how to obtain a reasonable balance between the love of adventure and an often misguided drive to expose oneself to risk.

“While risk taking is possibly the most obvious and ever present subject in our sport, I felt like we mostly get to see this in the form of the action hero overcoming risks,” said Elhardt.

“With Invisible Ground, I am questioning that narrative and finding a different perspective by making a film which is neither glorifying, nor educational, but one that explores the space in between.”


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