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RMB gets lost in Japan, with a 29 day soul riding trip...

Like any shredder in their right mind, Roland Morley-Brown hit the eject button on the dire European snow conditions and found himself on a ‘mellow’ soul-shredding mission in Myoko.

Thanks to some infamous Japanese snowstorms and a whole lot of stoke for being back in the country after years of lockdowns; the mellowness of this mission melted relatively quickly and RMB entered powder hound mode. An 11-day trip turned into a 29-day mission, shredding around Myoko Kanko and Suginohara, before storm-chasing took RMB and his crew to Hokkaido.

An unbelievable mix of snowstorms, perfect snowpack and bluebird powder days, combined with a lack of solid plans and some spontaneity, left the crew open to accept every miracle that came their way.

Afterall, isn’t that what freeriding is all about?

SEICO SNAPS captures the moments in snow we’ve been dreaming of for years…. In between stops at Seicomart of course.


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