Watch Now | Sage Kotsenburg Ain’t Ever Slowing Down in ‘Halcyon’

You know what 'halcyon' means? It's denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. This is the complete opposite, complete fire and destruction. We love it.

Sage is one of the best to do it. Winning gold, not being the slightest bit phased, he’s still riding and doing it better than ever. Add in a solid crew, and you’ve got more gold than just a medal to enjoy…

Park City’s own Olympic champion, Sage Kotsenburg, has not skipped a beat since his 2014 Sochi gold. In 2019, Sage and company hit the remote backcountry to capture some of the most exclusive riding in the world. Including Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Park City, Utah; Whistler, Canada; and Alaska.



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