Watch Now | SEQUENCER – A Quiksilver Snow Team Film

One of the better and most diverse teams in snowboarding. It's a film to watch...

Time bends and blends and blurs. This is an opportunity to look back and recall it all. A collage of moments and memories from 6 months on the road spent together chasing the 22/23 winter season.

Quiksilver Presents, Sequencer: A full length, all team snow film. Featuring Austen Sweetin, Griffin Siebert, Werni Stock, Red Gerard, Miles Fallon, Harrison Gordon, Bryan Fox, Todd Richards, Noah Peterson and Travis Rice. Shot on location in Jackson Hole WY, Brighton UT, Cedar City UT, Marquette MI, Revelstoke BC, Nelson BC, Powder Mtn BC, Mammoth Mtn CA and Whistler BC.


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