Watch Now | SRD Wants To Show Us Their Magic Trick

The new edit from Calgary crew SRD has dropped, and it's a must watch...

“The goal of a magic trick is simple and universal. It is to invoke a sense of wonder in the audience. This is most often achieved by employing effects, illusions, or other methods not seen or understood by the observers. It is a performance, carefully choreographed to show enough, but not too much.”

Magic Trick is the brand new visual gift from SRD, courtesy of Gregor Zed and Finn Westbury.

Filmed throughout the frigid 2020 Calgary winter, Gregor and Finn braved the conditions to continue the tradition of SRD blessing us with new footy just before the northern season kicks off. 

The beginning of Magic Trick finds the crew out at Sunshine Village, seshing some of those world-famous side hits. 

But that, for the most part, is it for the resort/side country riding. Anyone who has watched an SRD edit before knows they belong to the streets. 

Joined by friends Michael Modesti, Brett Mills, Tanner Davidson, Spencer Macaulay, and Jeremy Allen, Gregor and Finn freely and fluently stake claim to any rail, ledge, wall… fuckit, even a train. 

It’s the kind of film that makes you want to jump in the car and start driving around searching for street spots, just combing the streets. Trying to quench that clip thirst. 

Btw, Gregor Zed’s ender is fucking insane; I felt the full range of emotions on that 50-50. It’s an emotional rollercoaster (kinda). 

Magic Trick is an excellent start to the film’s silly season (it’s about to come on fast and robust, fuck yes!!!!), and we can’t wait to see what SRD has lined up for us this coming winter! 

But with many more films to drop over the next couple of months, it’s about to get exciting!


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