Watch Now | Swiss Alps to France with Team Quiksilver

A look into the madness that goes on during a Quiksilver team trip - snow, surf, skate...they do it right.

From Quiksliver:

From toblerone’s to tomahawks, fondue to furry animals, beers to barrels, mountains to waves. Introducing the 21/22 seasoner opener and campaign kick off of Surf the Mountain :: Swiss Alps to France edition.

After 2yrs of lock down and semi-isolation we loaded 13 team riders from scattered parts of the world into 3 vans for 14 days and let em rip their way through the high altitude of Zermatt and Sass Fee down to pool level of Alaia Bay before pushing on to the South-West of France via Bordeaux to put their pool training to the test in the elements of Frances famous beach breaks.

Here’s 7mins of radical times featuring: Travis Rice, Mikey Wright, Sammy Carlson, Caley Vanular, Austen Sweetin, Antti Ollila, Rolando Montes, Miles Fallon, Bryan Fox, Thibault Magnin, Yago Dominguez, Young Gun Pantxo Wall and welcoming to the team Red Gerard.



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