Watch Now | TASMAN TEAM Ep. 3 ft. Mike Handford

Mike Handford is a nomad boarder on a mission. Find out a little more about this splitboard lord...

Hailing from the UK, growing up on dry slopes. Mike, once introduced to real snow knew that dry slopes were a thing of the past and chasing snow was the calling of his future. Lo and behold, Mike now calls Wanaka home in the Southern Hemi winters and Myoko, Japan in the Northern Hemi. Have you been? Sounds like a smart dude, life goals are well prioritised. Powder is numero uno for Mike.

How do you score more powder turns than the punters? You go heli-boarding or splitboarding. Normally the latter. Lucky for Mike, YES Snowboards make some fine splitboards (as seen in the clip).

Enjoy this profile piece on Mike and start plotting your escape from the Southern Hemi summer. Please share/send any escape plans to

Words from Amine Yasmine – Slide Path:

Mike Handford is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and being with him in the Mountains is a TRUE pleasure. Mike has devoted his life to travelling and snowboarding. He’s humble, incredibly good at Karaoke, and very driven to progress what he does (and where he goes to do it). Enjoying life and having fun is his main priority, and it shows in everything he does. So whether he is showing you around his backyard at Wanaka, or exploring new zones in Myoko, being in the mountains with Mike is always a good time. I think we could all be a bit more Like Mike haha.



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