Torgeir Bergrem in ‘Temple of the Dawg’ by Gimbal God

A match made in heaven. Torgier and Gimbal God do it right. Enjoy 7 minutes in heaven...

“Temple of the Dawg” is the brain child of Torgeir Bergrem and Gimbal God.

What’s been almost 2 years of learning, preparation and execution came to fruition during the 22/23 season.

Shot over the course of 4 months from January to April. Starting in Utah the boys made their way to Wyoming and then up to Canada where they camped for 20 days straight in the mountains. After the camping trip, they packed up and headed north on the 36 hour drive from Whistler to Valdez, Alaska where they ended up waiting 18 days to finally get an 8 day window to finish off the part.

Enjoy the first chapter of Torgeir Bergrem and Gimbal God.

Just a hint of what is to come in the coming seasons…


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