YES. Snowboards | Tasman Team Series… Ep.4 – Jesse Kennedy

How long does it take for YES.’ rookie to get a mohawk?

Late July, the good folks over at YES. Snowboards and Phootstep Films blessed us with their fourth instalment of the TASMAN TEAM series. 

The Tasman Team series celebrates the rad people’s who make up the Aussie/NZ YES. team. 

This edition introduces the newest member to the squad, Jesse Kennedy. Jesse joins Briony May JohnsonTom PelleyMike HandfordClint AllanRyan Tiene and Allen Kirby on YES.’ Tasman Team.

Jesse joined the YES. team toward the end of 2019 and straight away was chucked on a trip to Myoko, Japan. 

Linking up with the likes of JP SolbergRDM (Romain de Marchi) and Tom Pelley.

We join the lads, having just touched down in Tokyo, with Pelley shaving Jesse’s head into a mohawk… a small snippet into the rookie initiations that occurs on a YES trip. 

But then we get into the riding. If you have never been to Japan before, or more specifically Myoko, you’re in for a visual treat. 

The Myoko powder is world-famous, and it’s easy to see why.

Knee-deep turns, face-shots for days and the night riding!!! Sweet dreams are made of this. 

The shots of Jesse tearing the night riding at Lotte Arai Resort are transfixing and explosive in the best way. 

Even though it may be as torturous as it is hypnotising to watch someone ripping that Japanese powder while we are stuck. It is still great to see new footage… especially when it’s one of our homegrown homies. 

It’s excellent to see a brand like YES. not only making a series introducing their Aussie and Kiwi team but the fact they have a Trans Tasman team! 

Can’t wait to see the following edit in the series.


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