Winter Missions W22 Ep.3 | Aussie & Canadian Crew Fire Up Front Valley…

Scoring the PERFECT spring day in the Snowy Mountains with Aussie's Pro's coupled with Canada's new gen...

Australia in the snowboard scene is renowned internationally for its notorious spring vibes and ultimate park laps. The best place to dial in tricks. Once September kicks into gear, crew from all around the globe hit Australia to get the board back under their feet, and lock in the tricks they’ve been manifesting over their Northern Hemisphere summer.

For Aussies, it’s the best time of year. Suns out, parks on point, an odd snowfall here on there…but when spring is on, Front Valley at Perisher is the place to be.

We scored the PERFECT spring day in the Snowy Mountains, NSW. We gathered Australian Pro Snowboarders and all Jindabyne Locals – Jye Kearney, Josh Vagne, Andy James and Billy Hayman and paired them up with Canada’s best up and coming snowboarders all hailing from Whistler – Truth Smith, Lane Weaver and Caleb Chomlack. They call their crew “SHMOBB“.

With the “day of days” up at Front Valley and strong spring vibes back in Jindabyne. We handed over the day to the crew to see what they would get up too…and they did not dissapoint!

Watch the full episode now to see what they got up too and some of the best snowboarding to come out of the Southern Hemisphere this season.

A huge thanks to our Winter Missions Partners – The North FaceYETIGoProG Shock and Pirate Life Brewing.


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