An Ode to The Great Australian Resort Road Trip, Presenting Nothin’ but Boardin’, Beers, BBQ … 

Transfer Tailgate Tour presented by Coors...Coming to a resort near you soon!

There’s something about a winter road trip that gets the warm fuzzies going. Craming both bodies, boards, beers and before long, the appointment of the aux-jack DJ and high tailing it to the hills. While Australian resorts might only be mere stones-throw from each other, a multi-day jaunt between them with friends is one of the richest experiences an Australian snowboarder can have. And a right of passage. 

Headed for Hotham, somewhere in the early 1990s. As seen in issue 2 ‘The Convicts & the Snowboard’. Photo:: Andy Taylor

With the day’s riding all said and done, folding down the tailgate and perching up in the car park and cracking a cold one, talking shop, talking shit and entertaining the idea of a lake-side fire is the après apex. Forget about your French wine and bullshit dip.

The Heavy NFI crew after the formative Kozi-cornice session, posted up, tailgate-style in Thredbo car park, 1992. As seen in issue 23 ‘The Early Years’. Photo:: Unknown

The snowboarding spirit belongs on the road. And we’re taking a sabbatical from our everyday responsibilities, and hitting the road in the holy name of the Aussie winter road trip. Enter the Transfer Tail Gate Tour. 

In an ode to the Aussie winter road trip, the bodies of past, present and future Australian snowboarders will be packed into an RV, alongside boards and beers. And who better to provide those cold cans than the legend of the mountains itself – COORS.

A different view, same road-trip energy applied. As seen in issue 17 ‘Mobile Homies’. Photo:: Ryan ‘Ryza’ Anderson.

In the coming days, you’ll be seeing the Tailgate Tour land yacht taking up two parks in a packed perisher car park, spinning wheels on the alpine way, and headed (albeit, slowly) for Hotham and Falls Creek. 

Join us for a hot lap, post-ride hotdog, or a beer that’s as they say ‘as cold as the rockies Snowy’s’. After all, what’s a road trip without friends? Along the way, we’ll be throwing a party at Beach Burrito Jindabyne, where food deals will be dished out in volume, along with can specials, and free (yes, free) Coors cans for those early birds. We’ll have the aux-jack DJ playing only what they insist on listening to, and that car-park shit-talk will continue into the night. 

Save the date, join the Tailgate Tour:

  • Friday, 20th July: Thredbo*
  • Saturday, 21st July (day): Perisher*
  • Saturday, 21st July (night): Coors night, Beach Burrito, 7 > 9 pm 
  • Sunday, 22nd July: ‘Somewhere’ over the range*
  • Monday, 23rd July: Hotham*
  • Friday, 24th July: Falls Creek*

*Dates, and locations are all subject to change due to inherit road trip ‘alterations’ 


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