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Part rumour, part truth, we prod at the upcoming Winter.

With the Australian Winter rapping at our door, now is the time to begin the crystal balling. As desperados, we cling to any kind of prophecy that may prematurely predict the upcoming season and with our lingering bitterness for last season’s shortcomings, we’ve developed an insatiable itch for any kind of insight as to what may lay ahead for this year’s season. So, without further ado, our less-than-reliable findings of late.

Last season, Australia’s Back Country was a non-event but could 2024 see the roof of Australia loaded up again? RJ is backing it. As seen in issue 18 ‘Ozlaska’. Photo:: Jake McBride

Don’t write it off … yet

An Australian Snow Season is a horse no meteorologist wants to back when it comes to predicting its trajectory. But the high country is no place for academics and their fancy analysis’. Rather, we’re better to hitch our wagons of hope to those who know it best. In this case, this is a matter of the most pessimistic colliding with the most optimistic – with a pre-season Facebook post, historical Australian Snowboard figure RJ Williams who was last seen pocketing a formalised honour roll list at the 30 years of Australian snowboarding celebration has called upon the ancient sage of wisdom known as the Farmers Almanac. Citing that the farmers are backing this season. We say, good enough for RJ, good enough for us. 

The Superpipe is upon us.

Ask yourself how a nation capable of raising the best halfpipe riders in the world does so without actually having a pipe itself. That’s some tree falling in the woods type shit. Well, the gears have long been spinning on the Transfer rumour mill that this may be the season for a legitimate superpipe to be built here in Australia. What could come of this pipe dream? Only time will tell.

Instagram will load in the frontend.


China. The Chinese snowboarding team is a tour de force, and like it or not is fast becoming an absolute snowboard powerhouse. And word has it, they’ve got their sights set on coming to Australia this season for training. But by far, the most shocking news is that former wild-man Benny Bright will be under coaching duties. What will come of this unlikely alliance, and will we see a small embassy set up in the lifty stronghold of Kirwin Close? Watch this space.

Year one (2014), The Transfer Banked Slalom was carved from ice in Galina’s Gulley and took no prisoners. Photo:: @wedgeformer

Transfer Banked Slalom turns X

Through thick and thin, the tournament of turns has transcended the impossibles that come with an Aussie winter, in the namesake of bringing Australian snowboarding together each year on one definitive date. It’s become a cornerstone for the community, and with this year marking its 10th anniversary, we can expect a diabolical time to be had at this year’s TBS. Dates and entries are nearing, and the shit-talk has begun. 

The Stomping Grounds return.

Freestyle facilitator and sweet tooth’d Charles Beckinsale is bringing his internationally-acclaimed ‘Stomping Grounds’ model back to his home turf – Thredbo. This is seminal for a couple of reasons – one, it creates a consistent platform in which the next generation of snowboarders gets access to a world-class facility. Basically, it accelerates the rate of progression for the next generation. It also is a huge international drawcard for those top-tier rides in the off-season, so expect a flurry of internationals back in Thredbo and at Perisher’s front valley. Although a staple, was somewhat missed when the globe was locked down (yuk) – so it’s nice to feel glamorous once again. 

Troy Sturrock enjoying the fruits of waking up at 4:30am, and securing a park at Perisher’s bitumen abyss last season.

The Perisher Parking Dilemma. Solved.

There is no respite from Perisher’s parking problem unless you enjoy getting to the bitumen abyss before sunrise. Instead, The ‘Snowy Mountains’ Bus will be back again this season, after some speculation. Getting to Thredbo, the Skitube or Perisher will be all made possible by this here service. Kinda a big deal to have this backup and running. Time will tell if it’s cheaper to in fact buy a clapped-out Forester and drive that to the hill every day but internationals rejoice. 


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