The Stomping Grounds | Week 2 Wrap

The sun came out and shit went down. The product of the best of the best doing their thing in paradise...

Hallelujah! Week 2 over at The Stomping Grounds has delivered the goods. Sun, primo park and the top riders from around the globe all flying in the air like bats out of hell.

Below is a scattered breakdown of what went down over the past week. Hard to keep tabs on hundreds of snowboarders – all competing daily to be the best on snow in your feed.

Porn, in the form of ‘Terrain Park’.

Mikey Ciccarelli is beast. Red on red is kinda cool, better than Shaun’s white on white?

Channel Gap has been going off. Mikey, going off.

Word has it Anna Gasser is throwing casual doubles all over the place. In the morning, at lunch and in the afternoons.

Anna, taking it to the moon!

Jamie Anderson’s also been on the ground the past two weeks, holding it down for team U.S.A. Effortless style, as always. Once the sun popped it’s head out, Jamie’s been spending more time in air than on the ground. Confirmed.

Jamie setting into cruise control, mid-flight | Image: Sina Fili

Over in halfpipe land, things are getting higher and higher. Scotty James has been making the most of the sun and being out of lockdown in Victoria…putting his new and improved COVID workout body to the test – looking good from our end.

Scotty, looking and feeling good…

Chloe Kim has been tweaking and tuning her maneuvers. Plus looks like she’s now on ROXY. Interesting…

Chloe Kim, method. Because they are fun and feel good.

Another mythical pipe master, who’s known to fly under the radar and then suddenly show up and blow up is back for week 2. Shaun White’s been clocking up some serious time in the pipe this week. Even more time out of it, by the looks of the image below.

Shaun White, doing his thing. | Image: Joseph Roby

Ryo Aizawa takes out winner of the week. Champion on the board, he clearly is having the best time in Switzerland and is as solid as they come. Transfer gap is mental. Enjoy.

Ryo, all smiles…


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