Scotty James Wins Gold THREE-PEAT at X Games

Scotty James smashes it out of the park at Xgames now walking away with 9 medals in total (6 of those gold...)

Xgames Superpipe 2024 Men’s Results

  1. Scotty James (93)
  2. Ruka Hirano (87
  3. Kaishu Hirano (86.33 repeating of course)

Is there anything better than watching a night pipe under the lights? No, there isn’t… and our boy Scotty James took the win!

To be honest I’ve been nervously excited since Scotty’s win at the Laax Open and nervously waiting to see how it plays out on the world’s biggest stage. First things first, Valentino Gusselli unfortunately got injured during practice and wasn’t able to compete. Sending healing vibes his way.

Now lets dive deep. It’s Scotty James vs Japan, 1 Australian fending off a team of Japanese and of course our Scotty pulled it off. And not only beat out the competition by 6 points but also hit the threepeat winning his 3rd consecutive gold. The only other person to achieve this is Shaun White! Scotty is on one, and we’re all along for the ride.

Scotty started his run with his now iconic Switch McTwist Pull Back, back 12, front 14 nose grab, cab 9, and finally finished it off with a switchback 12!

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Ruka Hirano came in 2nd with a switchback 10, back 12, front 14, cab 10, and front 12.

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And the crowd favourite Kaishu went 3rd starting off with the one of the biggest Mctwists way down the pipe, front 14, cab 10, and back 12.

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And if that wasn’t enough instead of trying to up the ante on his 3rd run he just went for another record breaking method getting to 23 feet out, just shy of his own 24 foot record. WTFFFF! It’s moments like this that make us feel snowboarding is in good hands.

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Looking forward we will see everyone competing again real soon, like next week, at the Mammoth Grand Prix. Will Scotty get another gold? Will Val heal up in time? Will Ayumo and Lilkeytaki land even more triples? I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be watching!


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