Watch Now | King & Queen of Corbet’s 2021 Full Event Replay

Watch all the action that went down last week on the iconic Corbet's Couloir in Jackson Hole...

Witness one of the wildest events to hit the snowboarding scene. Once a strictly skier only event, and now dominated by the style, confidence and finesse of snowboarders. Jackson Hole put on another jaw dropping freeride event for the masses to enjoy.

Yuki Kadono is equipped to rip. Image: Red Bull

Skiers were hucking and chucking and claiming those backslap landings like a stomp. Snowboarders on the other hand were getting all types of creative, like jibbing the fucking rock itself and flying in the air with effortless grace. Looking for new lines of entry into the Couloir, the girls throwing DOWN, whitewashing the podium with not a skier in sight.

Hans Mindich showing the skiers and thing or two… | Image: Red Bull

The snowboarding was for sure the highlight of the event. Snowboarder vs Skier…we like it.

That’s one way to do it! Audrey Hebert backy. Image: Red Bull

Click here for a recap and the lucky few who landed on the prestigious podium.


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