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Look good, feel good, ride good in the new gear from the Roxy Bright Edition

Look good, feel good, ride good. That’ the recipe for success to both life and…snowboarding. The new Torah Bright Summit Outerwear Line is the perfect marriage of looking good and feeling good. Feel good with the 15K DryFlight technology which provides some serious waterproofing. Cool thing about the DryFlight tech is that it’s designed with a recycled polyester blend fabric – extra feel good.

But enough from us, we hit up Torah to give us the lowdown on everything about her new outerwear collection with ROXY

I think the best thing about designing a line for almost 12 years now is that I was able to be feminine and feel feminine while I rode on the mountain. Roxy is by women for women!

Transfer: Torah! How’s things?

Torah: Life is good. Angus and I welcomed our little boy into the world 5 weeks ago. I’m blissed out on this new stage of life, learning how to be mum and function on a lot of broken sleep. I think its a form of torture…haha life has never felt so beautiful. Loving every minute!

Congrats! Sounds amazing…We just caught wind of your other baby, The Summit Outerwear Line with ROXY. How many years have you had your own line for now? It looks rad!

LOL my other baby! The ROXY Bright Edition. I have deigned the line for 12 years now. It all started back in 2006 when I was competing in the 2006 Turin Olympics. When competing at the Olympics, you are required to use your countries uniform. Only technical equipment can be your own or sponsor provided. At the time, I was riding Salomon snowboards, so I was left to sport ROXY googles, not the outerwear. I was offered a signature google. I was asked what I would like to have on them…I replied, DIAMONDS!! So my first signature piece were bling’d out goggles. They were like a disco ball on my head! I had a few more years of googles and then that morphed into the full Bright Edition line.

Smiles all round… | Image: Aaron Jamieson

Bring back the diamonds! It must be pretty cool, to get involved with the creative and design elements that go into making an outerwear line. What kind of things inspired you whilst working on this latest outerwear piece?

Being apart of the design process has been awesome…however I have the easy part. If its board testing I ride blanks and give my feedback and develop it that way. For the outerwear line we, meaning the riders, spend a lot of time giving technical feedback for the whole line. And when it come to the Bright Edition, I send in inspiration to the design team. It may be magazine tear outs, or screenshots from online. Anywhere from colour combinations to patterns and then silhouettes of pants and jackets. Every year of the line has been so different. 2019/20 Bright Edition went retro!!!

To top the retro feel off. We went for a cropped bomber style ski jacket. It was a risky move and I almost backed out…but the team had me holding strong. It’s a different look for snowboarder. However, it was one I loved and was happy to have the support of getting it out there.

Because of the high waisted bib, the cropped coat caused me no harm in any terrain I was in.

Torah, full tweak in Japan | Image: Aaron Jamieson

That’s really cool. Nothing like a bit of a risk take to break the mold…

There’s a lot of mixing and matching when people buy outerwear, not many dual pieces getting around. The pant and jacket are designed in a way to really compliment each other right? Fit, design tech and looks.

Yeah, to get the complete retro look it’s a solid combo. Both ofcourse can be purchased separately also! The jacket is a great street wear piece as well. The pant and jacket have an attachment system…the powder skirt on the jacket fit to the loops on the pant. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a one piece. I had no troubles riding deep Japow, that was the ultimate test!

When Torah said no troubles riding deep Japow, she wasn’t lying | Image: Aaron Jamieson

And you have literally traveled and ridden around the globe in this outerwear recently filming for the new ‘Out Of Bounds’ project?

YES! We started the journey in Antarctica and finished in Alaska. We had very different climates to work through. I was able to layer appropriately. What I love about the pants is that they are a 15K high performance, high stretch shell with polar fleece lining. So it’s just a matter of layering when you are on the hill in winter or spring.

The jacket on the other hand is warm! The shell is Recycled polyester blend fabric and PrimaLoft insulation 100% eco! Its WarmFlight Rating is 3/3 for extra warmth and breathable insulation. On the hot spring days, just ride with the coat open because you have a cool retro bib and brace underneath or just ditch the coat in your car or backpack and ride in just the bib with a sweater tucked in. You’re also ready for après ski once you are done shredding!

Look good, feel good, ride good.

Feel good! Roxy is working hard on adding more eco friendly processes to their lines every year. It’s exciting to see the changes in this space as years go on. The Womens Snow Jackets and Womens Snow Gear are so rad.

As a snowboarder you must be stoked to wear outerwear that isn’t only doing its job but also it’s contributing to the positive impact on the environment and keeping the snow stoke alive – every bit counts right?

Yes, we all have to start somewhere and work up. Being educated in where you put your dollars in every aspect of life can help the change you wish to see.

In the middle of Antarctica, snowboarding…as you do | Image: Cam Batten

Look good with the retro inspired design – on-hill, off-hill or heading to après…Torah’s timeless design will keep you looking good no matter the occasion. Shred in style.

The Summit Outerwear comes with all the extra trimmings to enhance the overall experience – breathable insulation, ultra-lightweight polyester taffeta lining, adjustable and removable hood, 3D shaped stretch powder skirt, jacket to pant attachment system.

Click here to buy the Torah Bright Summit Jacket.

Click here to buy the Torah Bright Summit Pant.

Look good, feel good, ride good | Image: Aaron Jamieson


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