Limited Drop | Transfer Merch Now Available…Corduroy is King

White Drip, Purple Rain, Red Vintage, Yellow Acid...Get your hands on this limited drop of Transfer Merch before it's gone.

Corduroy is king. Transfer has just released a limited line of merch that drips. The hoodie of all hoodies and the cap of all caps are here and ready to offer comfort, warmth, love and style. Look good, feel good.

Red Vintage, White Drip, Purple Rain, Yellow Acid. Enjoy a colourful corduroy trip.

Corduroy has been around since the beginning of time and worn by the top echelon of society – Jesus, John Lennon, Kanye & Transfer. Being comfortable is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Purple Rain. Prince would be all over this.

Head to our online shop now, and get your hands on one of the limited drop.

Transfer’s hot tip – double up. Hood and cap to match.


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