Protect Ya Head | Anon Re-Invent the Helmet with WaveCel Technology…

How's this for a stat - WaveCel saw up to 98% less concussion risk than a standard helmet...

Gone are the days of concussions being cool. Keeping your head screwed on and operating at its highest capacity is critical. The technology over the past few years in the helmet space have combined function and some good ol’ fashion to keep more heads protected while not looking like an astronaut from the 60’s.

Anon has recently released their new WaveCel technology and we’re all about it. Look good, feel good and know that you’re head will stay good. WaveCel behaves like a network of hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers helping to connect your head and the outer shell of the helmet. Essentially, it helps distribute the impact energy from a slam through it’s network of cells, reducing the impact force, and then diverts total forces by flexing and gliding.

Now, there’s a tonne of helmets in the market. However, what is making us feel safe with Anon’s WaveCel technology is that it’s been built and designed from 20 years of dedicated research and testing. Rigorous testing by universities and research labs in the United States and abroad.

What kind of research? Give me the straight up facts!

WaveCel dived in deep. After understanding how vulnerable the brain is toward rotational forces, Anon embarked on re-inventing helmets that best absorb rotational forces during impact. Because snowboarding crashes are predominately rotational forces.

WaveCel believe in the scientific method. Technological advancements require creative ideas, rigorous testing and a relentless pursuit of the best solution. And so they did just that, 20 years of relentless testing.

WaveCel tested it’s technology across two main categories; Concussion Risk & Rotational Acceleration.

They found, the risk of sustaining a concussion was predicted based on the amount of rotational acceleration recorded during impact. Plus, rotational acceleration is the rapid spin of the head caused by an impact. Higher rotational accelerations carry a great risk of causing brain injury.

The results are straight up! WaveCel saw up to 73% more absorption of rotational force than a standard helmet. And saw up to 98% less concussion risk than a standard helmet. Yes, that’s right…98%!

To find out more and grab a WaveCel helmet for the upcoming season, click here.

Protect ya head! You only have one.


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