Scotty James Banned From Riding Half Pipes in Switzerland…And Has a New Goggle

A deep dive with Scotty James about his new goggle with Oakley, plans to stay at the top this season and how he's banned from riding pipes in Switzerland...

Scotty James and Oakley just dropped a new goggle. Boxing gloves and all. They look good, feel good are functionally more superior than the last pair of goggles we owned. That’s a win, win and win.

What’s the goggle? It’s Oakley’s popular Line Miner model with a subtle, yet sexy touch of Scotty. It’s the ultimate provider of peripheral vision and has the O.G cylindrical-style design.

If only Scotty was number ’69’ … we’d have a real funny caption to go with this image.

More importantly, when was the last time an Australian had a pro model design? Gus St. Leon with Nitro x 3CS? It’s been a hot minute, so we decided to jump on the phone with Scotty to chat about the new goggle and what’s been going in his world in the lead up to the Northern Hemisphere winter.

The goggle’s available for purchase now in Australian stores and will be released online real soon. We’re giving away a pair later this week, so follow us on socials to keep informed on how to score a pair!

“I want to thank my goggles for keeping at the top of my game”

Transfer: Hey Scotty, how’s things mate? Where are you right now?

Scotty: G,day! Things are great. I am in Switzerland at the moment waiting for the snow to fall. Had the first drop a few days ago.

No way…When did you plan your escape over there?

I got out just before the big stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. I was gutted because I didn’t get to ride at all in AUS before I left. I was looking at having to do a two week quarantine just to come up and ride in NSW. Decided I was gonna fly over. It’s been too unpredictable so I wanted to get over for the Northern winter before anything else extreme happened in lockdown world.

Totally. Good call. Been a tough and very weird year. But…you’ve just launched your new goggle with Oakley! Must be stoked?

So stoked! Really cool to come out with my first signature goggles. Always something I dreamt of having the opportunity to do. I always wore the signature goggles of the guys I looked up to when I was younger like Danny Kass, Terje, Kazu and to now have my own is pretty insane.

We’re backing the goggles hard. Scotty’s got style.

Is this your first pro model line with any type of gear? Feels like it’s been a long time coming.

It is my first pro model. It’s a hard gang to join but I’m glad I finally earned my stripes.

Very strong. Congratulations. Give us a little run down on the goggle itself? I rode them out on a true Aussie rain day this week…I could actually see. That’s a first.

Was fun to collaborate with Oakley and work with design team to create the goggles. I wanted to keep them pretty straight forward with my colour ways. I love the colour red which was heavily implemented through the strap and lenses. I picked the Line Miner frame and put a little flare on the frame with a black clear touch. It’s a subtle but bold goggle. I like it!

Yeah baby…Sign me up.

Digging the boxing gloves. They will make me snowboard just like you now?

Haha yeah the gloves were a little touch I felt I had to put on there. If you can wear them and go get some pow turns that I have sadly missed out on that would be great. I’m sure the goggles will enjoy it too!

Hope they make the airs in the pipe a few extra feet or inches too of course!

One day, one day…

So what’s the plan now for your season? New goggles, new man. Is the competitive circuit still going ahead as normal?

Plan for the upcoming season is we are going ahead as planned. The competition circuit has been given the all clear so we are preparing for that. I am getting back on snow October 1st in the glacier. Hopefully doing some filming along the way too. It’s hard to expect everything to go to plan at this point so we will stay on our toes!

COVID ain’t gonna stop ya. I heard whispers that you’ve been banned by the Swiss team from riding pipes over there? Is that true?

I was trying to weasel my way into getting on the glacier earlier. The Swiss team have the pipe to themselves for 10 days before we all get there. So I tried my luck and to speak to them but they screened me. Nothing new though. This is a classic scenario for us Aussies around the world trying to ride a pipe…we need to get our own halfpipe so I can be the bouncer at the front door.

Scotty ain’t phased by the Swiss. It’s just adding more fuel to the fire. Strike first, no mercy.

Full ninja moves! Mate…We’re pushing hard for a pipe for you also. Is the ultimate goal now to take out gold at the next Olympics?

Would be lying if I said it wasn’t on my radar. A lot of other things to tick off on the list along the way too. It’s a long way away and plenty more golds I can fight for before then. I’ll be ready when the time comes, the goggles will make it happen.

For sure. Thanks for your time Scotty. I’ll do some pow turns for you this week, and you can do some for all of us sweating it out this summer!

Easy! Enjoy the pow turns and hope everyone back in AUS is staying safe and well through these crazy times. Hopefully see everyone out on the mountains soon.


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