16 Year Old Aussie Valentino Guseli Just Broke a WORLD RECORD!

Highest air ever in a halfpipe goes to the 16 year old from the South Coast of New South Wales...

Just when you thought the 16 Year old superstar couldn’t do anymore this Northern Hemi winter, he’s gone and fucking broke a world god damn record. Highest air out of a halfpipe ever. Valentino is officially on another level, and he keeps pushing and pushing. We spoke to Val about breaking the World Record and his season overseas…check it out below.

As high as it gets… | Image: Tommy Pyatt

Valentino boosted a HUGE 7.3 metres or 24 feet out of the pipe. Saying sayonara to previous world record holder Shaun White who has held onto the title for 11 years. Shaun record 7 metres or 23 feet out of the pipe at X-Games in Aspen on the 30 January 2010.

Imagine being this high. Just imagine. | Image: Tommy Pyatt

“I was feeling pretty good on the day, conditions were pretty perfect, so I just went for it” said Valentino. “I reckon once my riding gets better, I’ll be able to go even bigger for sure”.

Just a few months ago Valentino blew minds in the pipe at the LAAX Open, qualifying first for the finals, putting on a show that caught the eye of everyone watching. Stamping his name in the global snowboard scene. This is now a cherry on top, what a way to go out with a bang as the Northern Hemisphere comes to a close.

Here’s the StaleFly trick Valentino was talking about in our live interview with him:


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