Audio Gold | Maria Thomsen Does The Bomb Hole…

Listen up from one of the best female snowboarders on the planet right now! A rad story worth tuning into...

Words: The Bomb Hole

Maria Thomsen is one of the best snowboarder’s in the world and just happens to also be a mom.

This week we talk women’s snowboarding, handball, finding snowboarding, getting sponsored, injuries, filming in the streets, being a mother and a pro snowboarder at the same time, bringing her new born on snowboarding film trips, trusting the process, her new movie “Hot Coco” and so much more!

While most young woman think that having a baby will certainly mean they will no longer have a pro snowboard career, Maria got pregnant and rode as long as she could and then when she had her little boy she would bring him on trips with her and she went on with her career, she even seemed to step up her riding putting out her best video parts.

Join us on this episode of the Bomb Hole as we talk to Maria and hear her story first hand, a story that show’s other women you don’t have to chose baby or career as you can do it all!!!


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