Boots On The Ground | X Games Womens Slopestyle Wrapped

We've got boots on the ground covering all the X Games action. First up...Women's Slopestyle!

Words: Tegan White

Women’s slopestyle went down at Buttermilk this afternoon and it was a big one with four riders clocking a score over 90. 

Mia Brookes took the win early with a score of 95 on her first drop. That run ended with a 1080, only to be upped with a super clean 1260 then a 1440 in runs two and three. Her runs earned a standing ovation from the judging and commentary panel which includes our very own Torah Bright. 

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Kokomo Murase kept Mia on her toes with a mean rail line including a gap to boardslide and a front blunt 450. She then dropped a cab 1260 on the bottom jump which left everyone waiting to see if she’d take the top spot but Mia held on. 

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Kokomo won kit of the day, running some open jacket sheep skin drip – should have scored bonus points for that one. 

Anna Gasser was solid only to be knocked off the podium by Reira Iwabuchi in her final run. Someone has to come 4th right. 

Instagram will load in the frontend.

And one last shoutout to Annika Morgan for getting redemption on her final run landing a 1080 down the bottom. Her rails are always so damn nice to watch. 


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