Burton’s New Film ‘One World’ Just Dropped | Here’s How To Watch

Drop your plans – lock in a meeting with yourself for an hour and tune in to watch Burton’s new team film ‘One World’.

We scored an exclusive first look at the new film prior to its drop and we’re very much into it…highly suggest locking in time to watch it now. From riding, locations, filming, editing, music and more…Burton delivers the crème de la crème that is sure to stoke the snowboarding fire within.

The team video is back, it’s been a couple years but the film perfectly encapsulates that snowboarding is better experienced with homies, friends, compadres, team mates, squad or whatever floats your boat.

We’re not going to give away all the goodness now. But picture the likes of Mark McMorris, Red Gerard, Danny Davis, Brock Crouch, Maria Thomsen, Anna Gasser, Niels Schack, Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollars, Terje Haakonsen, Ben Ferguson, Kimmy Fasini, Christian Haller, Ethan Diess, Max Zebe and loads more ripping in the backcountry, streets and resort as a team, in some of the best locations around the world.

There’s even a cameo from Australia’s Jye Kearney and Kiwi sensation, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott!

The film deep dives into some pretty unique locations such as such as Alaska, Japan, British Columbia, Europe and more. The freak snow storm in the streets of a location we won’t spoil now, is something you must watch! Full takeover of the town from Niels, Ethan, Zack and Maria.

Now, how do you watch the film? It’s not dropping across the internet for free viewing straight away. But we’ve got a hack, that will not cost you a cent, just a minute or so of your time to set up.

The just went live worldwide on Amazon Prime. Got an account already? Perfect, you’re sorted. Don’t? Easy…Click here now to setup an account now where you can enjoy a 30 day trial for free. The catch is, you need to unsubscribe prior to the 30 day tick over. Easy to remember, but easier to forget so set an alert on your phone to pull out in time.

Enjoy the film and stay tuned for a full review dropping soon…


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