Catching Up With…Marcus Skin

Marcus has been one busy guy the past few years! We caught up with him to see what he’s been up too the past year

From doing seasons in Jindabyne and filming his homies 50 laps a day on Front Valley to now jet-setting his way around the globe, filming the best in the business and even donning an X Games bronze medal. Marcus is one of Transfer’s key family members and favourite contributors – he has an insight into the industry, riders, events, sponsors, drama, parties and more that no one else has. He’ll be reporting on the ground and keeping you all up to date this winter. We caught up with him to see what he’s been up too the past year…

Transfer: Marcus! What’s up? How’s isolation?

Yo! I’m just at home editing a couple of projects I’ve been working on this past Northern winter. Isolation has been tough, it’s the earliest Iv’e ever been home from a winter but the most time I’ve spent in Australia in years…So I’m hyped to be here.

Where’s home for you right now?

Home is currently at my Mums house down in Canberra but I’ve been calling Wanaka in New Zealand home the past few years now.

You sent me over some golden clips (check out below) from your time in Wanaka recently…I’m jealous to say the least! What have you been up too over there the past couple seasons?

It’s a fun time in Wanaka haha. A couple of years ago I got a job offer to film the winter tourism campaigns and content for Lake Wanaka Tourism. It was such a good way to support me wanting to film snowboarding and putting me in the right place and meeting the right people. That’s now slowly transitioned into just filming snowboarding full-time now though. I’ve spent most of my time with Carlos working on our RUCKUS projects which has been rad because the backcountry around Wanaka is next level for the Southern Hemisphere. I’ve also dipped my fingers into a couple of other projects like Monster Energy’s “Heli Hogs & Cursed”, a bunch of days with Jamie Anderson, Stale Sandbech and crew, Odd Folks stuff, Bynd Mdls movie “Bronze Age” and a heap more. Have also been putting in a lot time establishing Mr Skins Inn haha. Stay tuned for that one!

Sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself busy! What about the Northern Hemi Season just gone? What were you up too before shit hit the fan?

I started the season pretty early in October and headed to Saas Fee in Switzerland to work with the dream team at “The Stomping Grounds Park” and film all the “athletes’ doing their pre-season business. Then I spent the next couple of months working on the Craig McMorris X Games Real Snow part. A quick trip to X Games Aspen and then I went straight into working on a movie for Burton Australia & New Zealand. I was in Whistler with Carlos Garcia Knight, JJ Rayward, Jye Kearney & Troy Sturrock when shit hit the fan hard and we all had to rush home really abruptly…crazy times!

Sounds unreal! Do you find much time to score some soul turns and front flips still? Or are you behind the camera now 24/7 ?

I’m pretty much always behind the camera these days, I feel a lot safer when I have a camera and don’t actually have to snowboard properly haha. Carlos usually carries my camera bag for a lap though when we’re out in the heli! So when I get turns, they are damn good turns haha. Plus I squeeze in a couple of slushy days riding in spring – keeps me happy and always throw a couple of fronties haha.

Keeping the dream alive!What can people get excited for over the coming months that your currently working on now?

The bulk of what I’m working on is this movie for Burton Australia & New Zealand! It features a bunch of my friends and favourite riders (Carlos Garcia Knight, JJ Rayward, Jye Kearney, Troy Sturrock, Bryce Bugatti Bugera, Josh Anderson & Maggie Leon). It was a fun one to film with everyone, even though it got cut a little short…it should really get you hyped to go boarding with your mates. Also, got a Mr Skin Inn promotional video coming up very soon as well some stuff with Craig McMorris. Then as soon as the snow starts falling I’ll have some fresh stuff coming.

Fingers crossed we can all get out and go boarding this winter!

Yep I reckon we will be out there boarding for sure and it’ll be that much more worth it with this time off! Can’t wait…


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