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Get some serious one on one attention with Head Coach, Ryan Tiene with the a new platform to help you progress and's the future man.

COVID has been a killer on all things fun as of late. If you’re lucky enough to be living in NSW right now, you can still ride but there’s no real coaching facilities going on. Alas! Ryan Tiene, Head Coach for Turn & Burn camps has created an online platform for you to get some ultimate one on attention, progress and continue shredding. Don’t let COVID hold you back from progressing, use it as a way to tap into new ways to progress – like the new Turn & Burn coaching course.

“Our new 4 week online coaching course and individual online lessons is a brand new product for Turn & Burn! COVID has thrown the world a curve ball and TAB has felt the pinch of the big changes we have seen all over the globe, we need to adapt with the times. With this new format we can service more people globally while restricting travel, contact and reducing the risk. 

We are pumped to now offer our online coaching to everyone. If you are learning the basics to mastering the most complicated tricks we are the right choice for you. We have always worked with kids at TAB (12-18) but have always been asked to create an adult offering, with this online course we are able to cater for all ages from 7-100 (if the knees are holding up, haha).

What makes this snowboarding experience so special is your access to world-class professional snowboarders and coaches like Ryan Tiene, our Head Coach and director. Ryan was a professional rider for the best part of 12 years and is now sharing his knowledge and passion for snowboarding with the world through coaching. Everyone needs help sometimes, so Ryan has recruited some of Australia’s best slopestyle and snowboardcross coaches to help improve your riding through the small screen. If you want access to the best coaches, with an easy to use product that will help get you to the next level, then this is what you have been waiting for.

A private lesson on the hill can cost you up to $900! If you don’t want to pay for a private one off lesson then this is the course you have been waiting for”.

Click here to check out the online coaching program and lock it down.


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