#DownUnderOnTop Olympic Podium | Zoi Sadowski-Synnott Wins Gold & Tess Coady Wins Bronze!

Progression Session! Women's Olympic Slopestyle ushering in a new era of snowboarding....

What a showdown! The Female Olympic Slopestyle event just ushered in a new era of snowboarding. Progression session.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott in true form, dominated the event securing a solid score on her first run for all other riders to chase. However, fell on her second, so it all come down to her third and final run. She had to dial her run in to knock Julia Marino from her top spot, and did exactly that. Fire rail game followed by a Switch Back 9, Front Double 10 and Back Double 10. Well deserved Olympic gold medal. Go ZOI.

Julia Marino, put down the run she’s be waiting along time for. Having an off few years in the competitive scene, she showed up and put it down. Sitting in the top spot up until Zoi dropped it was a nail bitter finals.

Tess Coady! Winning Bronze! Doing all of us proud! She similar to Zoi, put down a solid run in run one, to then build on. Fell in run two. Her final run boosted her back into the bronze spot which included a stylish Switch Back 9, Backside 7 and an incredible Front Double Ten on the last jump.

A huge congrats to our two powerhouses Zoi and Tess from Down Under!


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