Real Talk | Insurance For Budget Snowboarders Looking To Go Big…

Flip Insurance is flipping insurance on its head. $6 a day and you're covered...I'm heading to the XL Park.

We’re snowboarders, so when we heard the word ‘Insurance’ we instantly drift off into a daydream. It’s boring, it’s complicated, it’s the last thing we want to deal with so we just grab that ‘skier package’ and get back to the important things.

Well, there’s something new and not as boring that’s just hit the market. It’s called Flip Insurance and it allows you to get insurance for that one day you wanna go BIG! For less than a coffee at your local resort.

Flip are offering Aussies one day cover for their crazy 24 hour sporadic adventures, or ongoing cover by the week for those who are planning to get out there and get it.

If you smash yourself, you get $$ to cover your injury. So there’s no more excuses for you to not go big and try new stuns, manoeuvres, tricks and more.

What’s it cost? Flip are offering Aussies full insurance coverage for their crazy adventures for only $6 a day. There’s no waiting period and starts straight away – no bullshit. Check out the Flip ‘Day Pass’ here.

Want to get coverage for a week of madness? The Flip ‘Always On’ insurance is just $9 a week and can be turned on and off depending on how crazy you want to get during the week. So if you’re hitting the mountains for a week…for only $9 you’re completely covered. Click here to check it out.

Hell, we’re even going to start taking out insurance for when we hit après.

To find out more, sign up and get involved…click here.


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