Future Is Now | Chelsee Kelley

Catching up with the 13 year old micro grom that's got gold medals and good times on her priority list...

Chelsee Kelley’s current program for 2020 is full time snowboard and sometimes school. The rad 13 year old from Canberra has spent the winter riding in NSW and is catching eyes from fellow snowboarders left, right and centre. The tiny grom, is still a tiny grom but with an impressive bag of tricks and infectious attitude bursting with nothing but good vibes. Chelsee is the future of snowboarding in Australia, so we caught up with her to chat about where she’s at and what the future looks like. From our end, it’s looking pretty bright…

Transfer: Hey Chelsee, how are you? Where are you currently living?

Chelsee: Hey! I’m good thanks. I’m living in Canberra. Love it, so close to the mountains.

Have you been snowboarding much this season? With COVID and what not…

Yeah I’ve been riding a fair bit considering. I broke my arm earlier in the season but I’m back on snow now. So stoked we even get to ride this year.


Broken Arm! Are you up at Perisher this winter?

Yep, I ride at Perisher mostly all the time in Australia. It’s got everything I like to ride.

Sick. Are you mainly into riding the terrain park and slopestyle?

Yeah, I mainly ride slopestyle but I also like riding the pipe. Feel like they both compliment each other. Keen to ride more pipe soon!

Who are some female riders that you look up too? Any Aussies who inspire you?

Torah Bright is one of my favorites for sure. I also love Anna Gasser because she pushes snowboarding for all the girls. She shreds hard.

Have you been learning or working on any new tricks this season? What’s the standout one so far..

Yes I have been working on my spins and trying to get my 540s consistent.


Do you have a coach up at Perisher this season?

Nah…I ride with my Dad and then do some riding with Mikey Williams.

It seems like there’s a really large group of girls ripping in the Front Valley park these days, way more than five years ago. Does that make you want to push the boundaries on your snowboard more?

Yeah it’s cool to see all the girls out there ripping. It makes it heaps of fun riding with them and pushing each other. Love the progression and vibe up at Perisher at the moment.

Where do you see yourself heading on your snowboard? Are you keen to get into more competitions? or filming?

It would be cool to do both. But my main goal is to make it to the Olympics.


Nice! Slopestyle or Pipe? Or both?!

Slopestyle is what I’m going for.

What else do you do when your not snowboarding? Any other hobbies?

Yeah, I love to surf and wakeboard.

Do you fit in anytime to go to school?

Mmm…Yeah sometimes. Not much in winter.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?

Keystone in Colorado. The park is always so good and on point. That’s where I base myself for the Northern Hemi winters.

What’s the plans after this season? You hoping to go overseas? A bit hard right now with COVID…

I would love to be going back to Colorado but I’d say we will be staying here and going surfing.

Chelsee smashing it down the Transfer Banked Slalom Course!

Not a bad Plan B!

Yeah, but it doesn’t involve snowboarding! Fingers crossed I can shred over there again soon.

Me too. Thanks Chelsea!


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