INTERVIEWED | Jye Kearney on Latest Film ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’

Catching up on all things CIRCUIT BREAKER with Jye Kearney...

TRANSFER: Jye! How’s it going mate? Where are you at currently?

JYE: I’m real good thanks. I’m currently in Jindabyne, NSW and keeping busy on my board. There’s good early season snow around, and the resorts parks have been pretty decent. So lots of riding!

We just dropped your new film project ‘CIRCUIT BREAKER’. Can you give us a little insight into how the film project came to life?

Well I guess Covid lockdown finally ended, meaning we could all travel overseas again. So I was keen to go overseas and make a little project. It was tough not being able to jet overseas to get it done the past two years.

So I asked some people to come along and 6 weeks later we were heading over to Finland.

What was it like prior to this trip? Being a pro snowboarder and and not being able to travel? Has it maybe made you now more motivated to dive into projects?

I would have to definitely say yes! The reason being is I just forgot how fun it was to go travel with good friends and film snowboarding. It’s my thing.

And it’s not stop laughter the whole time.

Also miss the feeling of battling for a few hours then finally getting the clip you wanted is a good feeling I can’t describe. Addictive.

And who are the “people” you asked to come along? And where did you take them?

Josh Vagne, Izzy Brinsdon and Timmy Dyason a.k.a ‘Fingers’. I decided to take everyone to Finland.

Why did you pick Finland as the Location? And why did you pick Josh Vagne out of all the snowboarders?

I’ve been to Finland before and it’s a well known snowboard city to get clips. And we only really had about a month to film, so I wanted to go somewhere I knew we could try find spots easily.

But finding spots was actually a bit tricky without a guide over there.

I picked Josh Vagne because I feel like he is one of the most exciting snowboarders from Australia right now plus he’d never been on a rail trip before.

So 4 weeks, in a foreign country, with a new rider who’s never been on a street trip…doesn’t sound like it was a breeze? Did you come across any challenges?

Yeah it definitely wasn’t easy in terms of four Australians driving around Helsinki looking for rail spots and didn’t really have a guide with us the whole time so that was kind of stressful. And only having 4 weeks meant the clips weren’t coming that easy with heaps of driving and some days only driving not much snowboarding.

Also I broke my collarbone on the 3rd week which definitely didn’t help…

Are you stoked on the outcome of the final project?

Yeah I’m pumped. Izzy did a very good job putting the video together. And I feel like the time we had and the luck we had came together. Stoked.

However, always can do more! It’s pretty hard being from Australia and putting together a snowboard film.

And what’s the plans this winter and beyond? Is Jye Kearney done? Or just getting started?

I’ll be riding as much as I can at Thredbo…You can find me in Stanleys!

And I never like to think it’s the end. Shits to fun.

Hopefully there’s some Australian projects that pop-up that I can get involved

Congrats on the film! Any final thanks?

Thanks to everyone that helped support the project! Burton Snowboards, Modest, Kodak, Izzy Brinsdon, Transfer, Fingers…Thanks everyone for watching!


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