Mammoth Grand Prix Slopestyle & Halfpipe Is ON!

With only 3 World Cup events left on the competitive calendar before the Olympics Games the pressure is ON!

All eyes are on Mammoth Mountain this weekend, and have been the past two weeks anyways with the record breaking amount of snowfall they’ve received.

The worlds best, including Aussie Valentino Guseli and Kiwi’s Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Cool Wakushima and Tiarn Collins are all competing in the FIS World Cup Mammoth Grand Prix over the next three days.

We hit up Halfpipe hitter Valentino Guseli for an on the ground report of what conditions are like on the slope and halfpipe course…his response “soft and slow”. Hopefully it quickens up for Qualifications kicking off tomorrow.

Each event so far, the dial has been turned more and more up in terms of progression, pressure and straight up jaw dropping shit…especially in the halfpipe!

One big moment to watch is Shaun White’s performance. White hasn’t actually been confirmed for the Beijing 2022 US Team yet. The whole US team is up for grabs off the back of this event. There’s only 3 spots, and Shaun’s currently sitting in third on the ranking system. But fellow US Rider Taylor Gold, who scored a silver at the Dew Tour event and 5th at Copper plus Chase Josey are both hot contenders for a spot. If Shaun doesn’t perform this event, he might no be heading to the Olympics.

Below is a look at the comp schedule over the next three days:

Friday Jan 7

3AM–9:30AMFK Halfpipe Training/Qualifiers 
1PM–4PM Snowboard Halfpipe Women’s Training/Qualifiers 
Times in AEST

Saturday Jan 8

3AM–7:30PM Snowboard Halfpipe Men’s Training/Qualifiers 
Times in AEST

Sunday Jan 9

4:30AM–6:15AM Snowboard Slopestyle Finals
12:15–1:15PM  Snowboard Halfpipe Finals Training 
1:30–3:15PM  Snowboard Halfpipe Finals

Times in AEST

Sunday is the day you want to be tuning into the action. The finals will be streamed live! Click here to stay tuned and we will have the live stream live across our site for viewing. Dropping on the site tomorrow.


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